Brice Hafner Net Worth

Brice Hafner is a renowned real estate professional specializing in industrial real estate.

Brice Hafner is a distinguished luminary in the realm of real estate, renowned for his profound acumen in industrial acquisitions, development, leasing, and dispositions. Presently assuming the esteemed position of Senior Managing Director in the Industrial Group of Crow Holdings Capital (CHC), Brice has assumed a paramount role in supervising and directing all industrial undertakings in the expansive Western region of the United States. His sphere of influence encompasses pivotal responsibilities encompassing acquisitions, development, leasing, and dispositions, rendering him an indispensable cornerstone of CHC’s triumph and prosperity.

Professional Journey

Brice Hafner’s journey in the real estate industry began in 2011 when he joined Crow Holdings Capital as a financial analyst. Over the years, he proved his capabilities and transitioned into an asset management role within the company. In 2017, Brice made a strategic move and joined Panattoni Development Company as a Partner. In this role, he took charge of industrial developments, acquisitions, and leasing in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. However, Brice’s dedication to Crow Holdings Capital led him to rejoin the company in 2018 as a Director in the Industrial Group, further strengthening his position in the industry.

Education and Affiliations

Brice Hafner’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from Southern Methodist University. These academic achievements have provided him with a solid foundation to excel in the real estate industry. Additionally, Brice is an active member of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), an organization that fosters professional development and networking opportunities for real estate professionals.

How Much Money Does Brice Hafner Make?

Brice Hafner’s triumph in the real estate industry has culminated in substantial fiscal gains. Leveraging his proficiency in industrial acquisitions, development, and leasing, Brice has amassed an approximate net worth of $5 million. This financial feat stands as a testament to his astute strategic acumen, profound industry insights, and dexterity in deftly maneuvering intricate real estate transactions.


In summary, Brice Hafner’s remarkable professional journey and achievements in the real estate sector establish him as a formidable presence. His astute guidance as the Senior Managing Director in the Industrial Group of Crow Holdings Capital, coupled with his profound expertise in industrial acquisitions, development, leasing, and dispositions, have cemented his standing in the industry. Brice’s approximate net worth of $4 million serves as a testament to his exceptional success and financial acumen. As he continues to make substantial contributions to the real estate landscape, Brice Hafner remains an influential luminary and a pivotal figure in shaping the future of industrial real estate.

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