Christian Keesee Net Worth

Christian Keesee is a renowned philanthropist and avid supporter of the arts, recognized for his influential contributions to cultural enrichment and community development.

Christian Keesee, a celebrated benefactor situated in New York, has left an indelible imprint on the realm of fine arts with his multifaceted pursuits. Serving as the progenitor and chief executive of the esteemed Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, Keesee has devoted his existence to nurturing the manifestation of creative ingenuity and facilitating erudition in the artistic realm. This blog article delves into his altruistic endeavors, his pivotal position in diverse benevolent institutions, his momentous impact on the artistic sphere, and scrutinizes his affluent net worth.

Philanthropic Contributions

Christian Keesee’s philanthropic endeavors are vast and encompassing. He assumes the role of the founder and president of the esteemed Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, an institution dedicated to advancing contemporary art and fostering community engagement through a diverse range of artistic initiatives. Furthermore, Keesee’s position as a trustee in both the Kirkpatrick Family Fund and the Kirkpatrick Foundation exemplifies his unwavering dedication to promoting the arts and nurturing arts education. Through these influential foundations, he has spearheaded grants and initiatives that have left an indelible mark on the ever-evolving artistic panorama.

Involvement in Art Institutions

Keesee’s passion for the arts is further exemplified by his involvement in prominent art institutions. He is a board member of the esteemed Frick Collection in New York, an institution renowned for its collection of European art. As a Trustee Emeritus of the American Ballet Theatre, Keesee has played a crucial role in advancing the world of ballet. His dedication to the arts extends beyond national borders, as he also serves on the North American Acquisitions Committee of the esteemed Tate in London. Through these roles, Keesee actively contributes to the preservation and promotion of art on a global scale.

Greenbox Arts Festival and Family Legacy

Christian Keesee’s connection to his hometown is evident through his philanthropic involvement in Oklahoma City. However, his impact extends beyond the city limits. Keesee is also a co-founder of the Greenbox Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls, Colo., a celebration of arts that reflects his family’s deep connection to the area. With his family spending summers in Green Mountain Falls since 1899, the festival serves as a testament to their commitment to fostering artistic expression and community engagement.

How Much Money Does Christian Keesee Make?

Christian Keesee has not only exerted a profound influence in the art realm, but has also attained noteworthy financial prosperity. Boasting an estimated net worth of 50 million USD, his financial triumphs serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to philanthropy and the arts. This substantial affluence has empowered him to finance a multitude of ventures, provide aid to artists, and foster the cultural advancement of communities.

Christian Keesee Net Worth: $50 Million

Legacy and Impact

Christian Keesee’s philanthropic initiatives and involvement in prestigious art institutions have left an indelible impact on the art world. Through his leadership, he has created spaces for artists to thrive, promoted arts education, and ensured the preservation of artistic treasures. Keesee’s unwavering dedication to the arts has not only enriched communities but also inspired future generations of artists and art enthusiasts.


Christian Keesee’s philanthropy, leadership, and commitment to the arts have solidified his position as a driving force in the art world. As the founder and president of the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, his influence extends beyond his philanthropic initiatives to shape the future of contemporary art and arts education. With his involvement in various charitable foundations and art institutions, Keesee continues to make a lasting impact on the artistic landscape, leaving behind a legacy of creativity, cultural enrichment, and philanthropic excellence, all while achieving notable financial success.

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