Kumail Nanjiani Net Worth, Height, Age

Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani-American actor and stand-up comedian but what is Kumail Nanjiani’s net worth?

Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani-born, American actor, comedian and producer. He is best known for his role in the award-winning Silicon Valley television series. He was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Original Screenplay category in 2017 for the film The Big Sick, which he wrote and starred in. Discover how much worth of young rapper Kumail Nanjiani is. To get to know more about him, other facts about Kumail Nanjiani you may be interested in are below.

Personal life

Kumail Nanjiani was born in February 1978 in Karachi, Pakistan. Nanjiani grew up in Karachi and attended the Karachi Grammar School there. One of his classmates there was Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. At 18, he moved to America and attended Grinnell College in Iowa, where he graduated in 2001. He completed a double degree in Computer Science and Philosophy. Kumail Nanjiani is a relative of the Pakistani-Scottish radio presenter Shereen Nanjiani.

In 2007, Nanjiani married Emily V. Gordon, a television writer and producer. Gordon was the producer of the comic series The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (2014-2016). Although he was raised under the precepts of Islam, Nanjiani identifies himself as an agnostic today.

How Much Money Does Kumail Nanjiani Make?

In July 2011, he started a video game podcast called The Indoor Kids with Ali Baker. In August of the same year, Baker left the show and Nanjiani began recording the show with his wife Emily V. Gordon. In addition to his podcast, he was a frequent guest on Dan Harmon’s Podcast Harmontown, where he plays with Harmon Dungeons & Dragons under the name Chris de Burgh. In 2013 he played a cameo role as a delivery boy in the film The Kings of Summer.

In addition to his frequent guest appearances on comedy shows such as Portlandia, he played Pindar Singh, a supporting role in the TNT series Franklin & Bash, and a guest role as a statistician in the HBO series Veep.

Kumail Nanjiani Net Worth: $7 Million

Kumail Nanjiani’s net worth is estimated to be around 7 million dollars. There is no way to know the actual wealth of Kumail Nanjiani, WealthyLeo focuses on his estimated net worth.

How old is Kumail Nanjiani?

Kumail Nanjiani was born on February 21, 1978, in Karachi, Pakistan. He is currently 42 years old.

Kumail Nanjiani’s Height and Weight

Let’s discover Kumail Nanjiani’s height, weight and other body statistics.
How tall is Kumail Nanjiani?
5’8.5” or 1.74 m
How much is Kumail Nanjiani’s weight?
76 kg or 167 pounds
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black


Since April 2014 he has played the role of Dinesh in the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley alongside Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, and Josh Brener. In 2017, he starred in The Big Sick opposite Zoe Kazen. Together with Emily V. Gordon, Nanjiani also wrote the screenplay for the film, which was nominated for the Oscar for the best original screenplay in 2018. The Big Sick was considered one of the best films of 2017 and was chosen by the American Film Institute as one of the 10 most notable films of the year. It was also the third independent film with the highest box office revenue in 2017, earning nearly $40 million.

In 2019, Nanjiani will provide the voice of Plimpton, an ostrich, in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, a film that is in the process of being shot and which will feature the participation of famous actors such as Antonio Banderas, Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Sheen. The film will be released on January 20, 2020. Nanjiani starred in the comedy Stuber, against Dave Bautista. He also took part in “Men in Black: International”, alongside Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

Real Name Kumail Ali Nanjiani
Birthday February 21, 1978
Birthplace Karachi, Pakistan
Height 5’8.5″ – 1.74 m
Net worth $7 Million
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Actively acting Since 2008
Profession Actor, writer
Dead or Alive Alive

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