Fam Mirza Net Worth

Faraz “Fam” Mirza is a investor, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and American marketer. Mirza was born on June 26, 1989 in Qatar and raised in five countries. He speaks fluently in four languages.

Mirza is well known for creating brands in consumer retail, tech, biotechnology, apparel, and music verticals. In the philanthropic world he is known for being the founder of the 1:Face watch movement which changed the lives of millions. A watch brand that partnered with NGOs to fund greenhouses, water wells, and treatment projects across the globe. The brand’s mission is “Changing the world, 1: face at a time.”

He has not only been busy creating his own brands but he has also advised and invested in an array of companies. These companies have generated over 100 Million in revenue with two recent IPOs on the stock market.

“When something fails, people lose enthusiasm, and go into the next project with that feeling, and that’s what creates a failing attitude.”

—Fam Mirza

How Much Money Does Fam Mirza Make?

Fam Mirza is the founder and CEO of Mirza Minds and 1:Face who has a net worth of $8.7 million. He was only 21 when he made his first million dollars.

He has worked with many famous people including Sean Combs. Moreover, Mirza has been featured on various media networks such as Forbes, HuffPost, The Verge, Inc., and others.

“Humanity is growth.”

—Fam Mirza

Mirza has amassed over 170K Instagram followers on his account @iamfam. Also, you can contact him through his official site

Full Name Faraz “Fam” Mirza
Birthday June 26, 1989
Birthplace Qatar
Net worth 8.7 Million
Profession Investor, entrepreneur, public speaker, philanthropist, American marketer

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