Judge Rhonda Wills Net Worth, Bio, Wiki

Judge Rhonda Wills is a dynamic and passionate lawyer and television personality.

Judge Rhonda Wills is a respected lawyer and judge known for her passionate work in fighting for the rights of everyday Americans. She is a dynamic, compassionate, and compelling force both in and out of the courtroom. Wills has made a name for herself not just as a successful attorney, but also as a television personality, appearing on the syndicated arbitration-based reality court show, RELATIVE JUSTICE.

How Much Money Does Judge Rhonda Wills Make?

Judge Rhonda Wills has indefatigably advocated for the entitlements of her patrons and endeavored to establish an equitable and impartial judicial framework. Rhonda Wills’ assiduity has resulted in a lucrative net worth approximating $5 million dollars. Her accomplishments as a legal practitioner and media personality have earned her high esteem and admiration, and she persists in leaving an enduring impression on the individuals she represents.


Judge Rhonda Wills has had a remarkable career spanning nearly two decades. Since forming her law firm, the Wills Law Firm, PLLC, she has recovered over $100 million in damages for clients, fighting against corporate giants and advocating for those who have been wronged. Her work has been a driving force behind her life passion: creating a legal system that is centered on justice, equality, and fairness for all. Wills uses her expertise and intellect to give voice to those who need her most – workers who have been wronged by their employers, people who have been discriminated against, sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, and those who have suffered catastrophic physical injuries.

Her legal work has not gone unnoticed. Wills has been admitted to argue before the United States Supreme Court and is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, and New York. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work in the legal field, including being named one of the Top 100 Lawyers in America by The National Black Lawyers.

In addition to her legal work, Judge Rhonda Wills is also a television personality. She appears on the syndicated arbitration-based reality court show, RELATIVE JUSTICE, where she dispenses legal advice with a focus on rebuilding relationships to get beyond current family conflicts. Using her life experiences along with her legal expertise to propel her judgments, Wills presides with grace, thoughtful compassion, and tough love to not only resolve litigants’ legal disputes, but also work towards bringing families back together in the process.


The triumphs of Judge Rhonda Wills’ vocation can be ascribed to her erudition. She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from the prestigious University of Texas at Austin, subsequently embarking on legal studies at the esteemed University of Texas School of Law. Her academic pursuits have endowed her with the acumen and competencies indispensable to ardently advocate for her clients’ rights and offer legal counsel on television.

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