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Matisyahu is a reggae singer and rapper but what is Matisyahu’s net worth?

The son of Jewish parents was brought up secularly in the USA and found his way to Hasidic Judaism as a teenager after a stay in Israel. As a singer, he tried to create a synthesis of modernity and traditional Judaism in the tradition of Shlomo Carlebach by combining metaphors of classical Judaism with hip hop and reggae and coining the term “Hasidic Reggae”. Matisyahu made a breakthrough in Switzerland with his song King Without a Crown.

Matisyahu has an estimated net worth of 13 million dollars

How Much Money Does Matisyahu Make?

During his youth, Matisyahu performed under the alias MC Truth for the MC Mystic’s Soulfari Band. In the end, he started to live religiously on his initiative around 2000 and started to perform with the Jewish band Pey Dalid. During this time Matisyahu was a follower of the Chabad movement. When he got the approval of a rabbi, he performed again as a musician in 2003, this time under the name Matisyahu. Since then he has been touring together with his band, some of which he still knows from high school. In 2014 he was a guest singer on the song tour of Adel Tawil and sang No Woman, No Cry, among others. On 27 June 2014, he sang together with the single “Zuhause”.

Matisyahu played the role of the Jewish exorcist Tzadok in the 2012 horror film Possession – The Dark in You.

“Music has always been such an amazing tool for me to access self and emotion.”


The music editors of the US American men’s magazine Esquire honored him as Most Lovable Oddball of 2006 and called him “the most fascinating reggae artist in the world”. In 2007 his album Youth was nominated for a Grammy.

As of 2019, Matisyahu’s net worth is estimated to be around 13 million dollars.

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Personal life

Matthew Paul Miller was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and his family moved to White Plains, New York shortly after his birth. As a child, his parents sent him several times to Jewish classes, a kind of Sunday school, which he refused. Overall, however, he was not brought up religiously.

At 14 Miller began to live the life of a hippie, wore dreadlocks and learned to beatbox in the schoolyard. But soon he felt a great emptiness in his life. He decided to make a camping trip to Colorado. The landscape there impressed him so much that he began to believe in God and eventually traveled to Israel in search of spirituality. In Jerusalem, he began to build a deeper connection with God and his Jewish faith.

Back in White Plains, it was difficult for Matisyahu to maintain his faith there. He left school and followed the band Phish on their tours. During this time he thought a lot about his life and faith. When he returned home, his parents sent him to a school in the wild for two years to restore order to his wildlife. There Matisyahu took the opportunity to work on his musical skills, especially reggae and hip-hop.

Later Matisyahu attended the New York School, where he took part in the theater, among other things. In the Carlebach Synagogue, he finally got to know Hasidism and started praying on the school roofs during the breaks.

But it was the encounter with a rabbi of the Chabad movement that finally turned Matthew Miller into Matisyahu. He became a follower of Chabad Hasidism and moved to Crown Heights.

“I think there is a tendency for people to get rigid and caught up in their beliefs of what is right and wrong, and they lose sight of humanity. Being human has to come first before right or wrong.”


Matisyahu studied in the Hadar Hatorah Jeshiva the Torah. During this time he began to write and record his first album. His musical influences include Bob Marley, Phish and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

In 2007 Matisyahu announced that he was looking for alternative ways of worship in the Hasidic movement. He is currently particularly interested in the church of Pinsk-Karlin in Jerusalem. Matisyahu is married to Tahlia and has two sons with her. He lives with his family, who accompany him on his tours, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He also has a younger sister named Julie.

As of 2019, Matisyahu’s net worth is roughly $13 Million.

Matisyahu Height, Age, Real Name

Real Name Matthew Paul Miller
Birthday June 30, 1979
Birthplace West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Height 6’4″ – 1.93 m
Net worth 13 Million
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Career Since 2000
Profession Singer, rapper, actor
Dead or Alive Alive

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