Peewee Longway Net Worth, Height, Age

Peewee Longway is an established rapper hailing from Atlanta but what is Peewee Longway’s net worth?

Peewee Longway is an American rapper coming from Atlanta, Georgia. To get to know more about him, other facts about Peewee Longway you may be interested in are below.

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Peewee Longway Net Worth: How Much Money Does Peewee Longway Make?

Peewee Longway who started his professional career in 2013 has already released a sufficient number of successful mixtapes, an EP, and songs, and has cooperated with many artists such as Gucci Mane, Rich Gang, Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, etc. Peewee Longway gained great recognition with his mixtape “The Blue M&M” in 2014. Later, this mixtape had continuation in “The Blue M&M Vol. II: King Size” (2015) and “The Blue M&M 3” (2017). In 2018 he uploaded his new mixtape “Spaghetti Factory”. It is believed that Peewee Longway has a net worth of 2.5 million dollars. There is no way to know the actual wealth of Peewee Longway, WealthyLeo focuses on his estimated net worth.

Peewee Longway Net Worth: $2.5 Million

Peewee Longway whose real name is Quincy Lamont Williams made a start with the mixtape “Money, Pounds, Ammunition” in 2013, where Gucci Mane appeared. Starting from 2014 he has been a member of “Felix Brothers”. The most successful song of 2014 was “Sneakin N Geekin”. Further, Longway’s debut album “Mr. Blue Benjamin” was released in 2016. In November that year, Peewee Longway dropped the video “Master Peewee” produced by Cassius Jay, that almost reached the point of 5 million views. He also presented the song called “Nun Else to Talk About” that got 3 million plays easily. In 2017 Longway uploaded another viral single “Stepped On”. The video on this song has been watched nearly 5 million times.

In 2017 Peewee Longway was considered to have made a breakthrough again because his song “Rerocc” was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. He uploaded the video “Rerocc” in July 2017, and at the current moment it has almost 12 million views. In April 2018 Peewee Longway released another viral song “Jumanji”. The video has accumulated more than 6 million views on Youtube. Another official video “I Can’t Get Enough” has already been watched by amazing 6 million people since being dropped in March. At the beginning of November 2018, Longway uploaded another video clip on the song “On Dat Freestyle” that got 1.3 million views during first week.

His latest mixtape “Spaghetti Factory” saw the world in April 2018.

Totally, Peewee Longway has been featured in almost 100 songs, has released 12 mixtapes and one EP.

How old is Peewee Longway?

Peewee Longway was born on August 17, 1984. His birthplace is Atlanta, Georgia. He is 34 years old at this moment.

Age: 34 Years Old
Zodiac sign: Leo
Life path number: 2
Chinese zodiac sign: Rat

Peewee Longway’s Height and Weight

Let’s discover Peewee Longway’s height, weight and other body statistics.
How tall is Peewee Longway?
5’0” or 1.52 m
How much is Peewee Longway’s weight?
68 kg or 150 pounds
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black

Personal life

Peewee Longway whose real name is Quincy Lamont Williams was born on August 17, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He grew up and still resides in Atlanta. He did not attend a college.

His uncle is Cold Blooded da Don, a member of Brick Squad. He was the one who introduced Peewee Longway to Gucci Mane.

Peewee Longway was the last to be signed with 1017 Records, before its owner, Gucci Mane, was imprisoned in 2013.

He is a group member of “Felix Brothers” and “MPA” alongside Young Dolph and Gucci Mane.

Peewee was arrested for drug possession in 2016.

Peewee Longway is not married and prefers to keep his personal life concealed.

Does he have any tattoos?

Peewee Longway has almost all body tattooed. The most worthy of attention tattooes are crown on the right side of neck, M&M’s Chocolate Candy on the forehead, “LONDWAY” on the back of his neck. Also there are many famous people’s portraits on his chest, including Benjamin Franklin. On the left arm he has the word “SOUTH”.

What are the 5 most popular songs of Peewee Longway?

Here are the 5 best songs of Peewee Longway:

  • Stepped On
  • Master Peewee
  • Rerocc
  • Jumanji
  • I Can’t Get Enough

Career Highlights

Here is the list of Peewee Longway’s career milestones:

  • Dropped his first mixtape “Money, Pounds, Ammunition” with Gucci Mane (2013)
  • Released a collaboration song with Young Thug (2013)
  • Dropped his debut studio album titled “Mr. Blue Benjamin” (2016)
  • “Rerocc” went viral on Internet (2017)
  • Latest mixtape “Spaghtti Factory” was released by MPA BandCamp (2018)

Where can you follow Peewee Longway on the Internet?

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