Pitbull Net Worth, Age, Height

Pitbull is a Cuban-American rap star but how rich is Pitbull?

Rapper Pitbull built a successful recording career on his Southern party rap tracks during the first decade of the twenty-first century. Influenced by his Cuban heritage, the performer has incorporated political themes into his songs and released an album recorded entirely in Spanish. His danceable party rap tunes have won the artist a substantial fan base and helped send his gold-selling debut album, 2005′s M.I.A.M.I., to the top of the Billboard Independent Albums charts. Follow-up releases, including 2006′s El Mariel, 2007′s The Boatlift, and 2009′s Rebelution have also fared well both popularly and critically. Throughout his career, Pitbull has been recognized as a strong collaborator, appearing on tracks by artists ranging from Lil Jon to Enrique Iglesias. Discover how much worth of rapper Pitbull is. To get to know more about him, other facts about Pitbull you may be interested in are below.

Pitbull Net Worth

The rapper got his start performing on mix tapes distributed locally in Miami, and soon attracted the attention of controversial 1980s rap group 2 Live Crew founder Luther Campbell. The elder rapper tapped Pitbull to appear on one of his singles, which resulted in the rapper beginning to work with Atlanta-based producer and rapper Lil Jon. Pitbull made a cameo appearance on Lil Jon’s Kings of Crunk album and landed a track on the 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack before signing with independent record label TVT in 2004. His first single, “Culo,” became a word-of-mouth hit due in no small part to the rapper’s own self-promotion. “This is how you make a name for yourself with no record deal,” he explained to Teresa Wiltz of the Washington Post, adding, “no video, no publishing contract. My records climb charts. I’m selling me to the world. I’m not selling gimmicks.” Pitbull’s net worth is estimated to be around 85 million dollars. There is no way to know the actual wealth of Pitbull, WealthyLeo focuses on his estimated net worth.

Pitbull Net Worth: $85 Million

In August of 2004, Pitbull released his debut, M.I.A.M.I. (Money Is Still a Major Issue). Hailed as “a fierce and fun ride” by Steven Chen of Entertainment Weekly, the album built on the hype generated by “Culo” to establish Pitbull as a true Southern rap success. M.I.A.M.I. cruised to number 14 on the Billboard 200, as singles “Dimmit Man,” “Toma,” and “Back Up” popped up on the airwaves, eventually achieving gold-selling status. The artist’s next LP, El Mariel, paid tribute to his Cuban heritage by referring to the port from which thousands of Cubans emigrated to the United States in its title, and by exploring some of the issues facing Miami and its people in its lyrics. However, “there’s only a bit of revolution among all this party music,” commented All Music Guide’s David Jeffries. “Make that glorious, vibrant, exciting, and always infectious party music.” Bolstered by singles “Dime (Tell Me)” and “Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera),” the album topped the Billboard Independent Albums chart, cracked the top five of the R&B charts, and made it to a respectable number 17 on the Billboard 200.

In early 2007, the rapper appeared in an eight-episode comedy program called Pitbull’s La Esquina on Spanish- and English-language network mun2. Set in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, the program featured the rapper and a number of celebrity guests discussing timely issues. “The show is humorous, but at the same time there’s a message,” Pitbull told Billboard’s Ayala Ben-Yehuda. Later that year, Pitbull continued the exploration of his Latin roots on his third album, The Boatlift. Again referencing the movement of Cubans to Miami in the album’s title, the rapper incorporated club-friendly rhythms with his Latin rap style. “Pitbull’s signature combination of clever, in-your-face Spanglish lyrics and frenetic dance beats is at its best on this album, where he plays to his less excessively crude sensibilities,” observed Ben-Yehuda in a separate Billboard review. Nevertheless, the album and singles “Go Girl” and “The Anthem” failed to match the commercial successes of their predecessors.

How has Pitbull increased wealth since the beginning of his career?

By 2008, relations between Pitbull and TVT had soured; the record label faced extreme financial difficulties, and–according to the rapper–had failed to adequately promote The Boatlift due to contention over a lawsuit between TVT and Miami-based record label Slip-n-Slide concerning an album of Pitbull’s early material released by the latter label. The rapper sued the by-then bankrupt TVT for escape from his recording contract. “The relationship between the label and the artist is delicate, requiring mutual respect,” commented one of Pitbull’s attorneys, Coralee Penabad, in the Miami Daily Business Review. “In this case, TVT did not respect its artist, his career and his future and simply attempted to exert extreme control as a master.” Ultimately, Pitbull won the suit, and soon signed with the larger Polo Grounds Music/RCA Music Group.

Now backed by a major label, Pitbull entered the studio to record his fourth album, Rebelution. By the time of the album’s release in the late summer of 2009, it had already produced two popular singles, “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” and “Hotel Room Service,” that exemplified its club-driven, danceable sound. Described as “a mix of infectious dance hooks and rapid-fire rhymes” by Ben-Yehuda, the album featured the production efforts of such heavy hitters as Jim Jonsin, who had previously worked with rappers Lil Wayne and T.I., and The Neptunes, who had produced Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. The album proved a commercial hit, topping the Billboard Rap Albums chart, cracking the top five of the R&B Albums chart, and peaking at number eight on the Billboard 200.

The artist embarked on a string of tour dates to support Rebelution, making headlines while on the road in April of the following year when he physically assaulted a fan who joined him onstage in Aspen, Colorado; the fan “pulled out some cash to make it rain on the rapper, and Pitbull responded with a swift punch to the guy’s face,” according to Issie Lapowsky of the New York Daily News. No charges were filed, however, and the rapper continued his nationwide tour. Two months later, he released his first full-length entirely Spanish-language album, Armando, through Sony Latin. An English-language follow-up, Planetpit, was scheduled to drop in the fall of 2010.

How old is Pitbull?

Pitbull was born on January 15, 1981 in Miami, Florida. He is currently 38 years old.

Age: 38 Years Old
Star sign: Capricorn
Life path number: 8
Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey

Pitbull’s Height and Weight

Let’s discover Pitbull’s height, weight and other body statistics.
How tall is Pitbull?
5’7″ or 1.70 m
How much is Pitbull’s weight?
72 kg or 159 pounds
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Bald

Personal life

Born Armando Christian Pérez on January 15, 1981, in Miami, Florida, the rapper is the child of first generation Cuban-American immigrants who instilled in their son a respect for his Latin heritage and for the written word by having him memorize poems written by Cuban poet Jose Martí. However, challenges marked the young performer’s childhood; his father dealt and used drugs, and his parent split while he was small, leaving Pitbull primarily in the care of his mother and even a foster family in Georgia. During his teens, the future rapper and his father reunited, although he later recalled to Judy Faber of CBS News that “it was more like a friendship than it was a father and son [relationship].” When he was 16 years old, his mother kicked him out of the house upon discovering that Pitbull had begun dealing drugs. He managed to graduate from high school, but had less interest in learning than in rapping.

What are the 8 most popular songs of Pitbull?

Here are the 8 best songs of Pitbull:

  • Timber
  • No Lo Trates
  • Por Favor
  • Rain Over Me
  • Give Me Everything
  • Fireball
  • International Love
  • Hotel Room Service
Real Name Armando Christian Pérez
Birthday January 15, 1981
Birthplace Miami, Florida, USA
Height 5’7″ – 1.70 m
Net worth 85 Million
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Actively rapping Since 2001
Profession Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer
Dead or Alive Alive

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