MARUV Net Worth, Age, Height

MARUV is a famous Ukrainian singer and songwriter but what is Maruv’s net worth?

MARUV is a Ukrainian pop and electronic singer, songwriter, composer and producer who became popular thanks to her provocative performances. All facts about MARUV you may be interested in are below.

MARUV Net Worth

Maruv made a breakthrough in her music career in 2017 when she released the single “Drunk Groove”. It became a hit at once and MARUV grew in popularity despite she had started singing on stage since 2013. As of now, the video clip “Drunk Groove” has almost 100 million views on Youtube. Wealthyleo assumes that MARUV’s net worth is 2 million dollars. There is no way to know the actual wealth of MARUV, WealthyLeo focuses on her estimated net worth.

Maruv Net Worth: $2 Million

MARUV whose real name is Anna Popeliukh (married Korsun) has released two studio albums, Stories (2017) and Black Water (2018).

In 2013 Anna took part in creating the group called The Pringlez where she was a leading singer. Same year, they won a contest “Pepsi Stars of Now”. Later in 2015, the group represented Ukraine in the Russian music contenst “New Wave” where they took the 3rd place. Besides, Anna took part in such TV music shows as The Voice and The X Factor in Ukraine but she didn’t enter the finals. In 2016 the group The Pringlez tried their luck in the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2016 with the song “Easy to Love” but were eliminated.

In 2017 The Pringlez group changed their name to MARUV, however, as of now, MARUV consists only of one member, Anna Korsun. Same year she released her debut album “Stories” and the hit song “Drunk Groove” that had been on top of many international hit charts for months. In 2018 MARUV presented the single “Focus on Me” that also peaked at high place in Ukrainian and Russian charts. The video “Focus on Me” was watched more than 10 million times.In September 2018 MARUV uploaded the video on the song “Black Water” produced by Boosin, the one who contributed into “Drunk Groove” too. “Black Water” got nearly 8 million views on Youtube. Moreover, Turkish singer Faruk Sabanci featured in her song “For You”.

In 2019 MARUV won the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song “Siren Song” but refused from her mission due to the scandals her victory caused. After this, KAZKA who took the 3rd place and were asked to represent Ukraine in Israel rejected the offer. However, this incident just helped MARUV raise popularity. Besides, “Siren Song” peaked at the 1st place of Ukrainian music charts and the lyric video was watched 4 million times during one month.

Currently MARUV releases songs in three languages, Ukrainian, Russian, English. She  also constantly gives concerts around Europe.

In 2019 MARUV won Ukrainian YUNA Music Award for Best Electronic Hit, Best Song in Another Language, Best Duo (all for “Drunk Groove”) and Discovery of the Year.

How old is MARUV?

Maruv February 15, 1992, in Pavlohrad, Ukraine. She is 27 years old at this moment.

Age: 27 Years Old
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Life path number: 2
Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey

MARUV’s Height and Weight

Let’s discover Maruv’s height, weight and other body statistics.
How tall is Maruv?
5’11” or 1.80 m
How much is Maruv’s weight?
67 kg or 148 pounds
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark Brown

Personal life

MARUV whose real name is Anna Popeliukh (married Korsun) was born on February 15, 1992, in Pavlohrad, Ukraine. Being a child, she sang and attended music classes but entered the Polytechnic Institute in Kharkiv and graduated in “Radio Physics and Electronics” in 2014.

Anna is married to her PR manager Olexander Korsun.

She has an Egyptian Eye tattoo on the right wrist.

What are the 5 most popular songs of MARUV?

Here are the 5 most popular songs of MARUV:

    • Drunk Groove
    • Siren Song
    • Black Water
    • Focus on Me
    • For you

Career Highlights

Here is the list of Maruv’s Career milestones:

  • Started music career in the group The Pringlez in 2013
  • Became MARUV in 2017
  • The video “Drunk Groove” was watched almost 100 million times (2018)
  • The “Siren Song” got 4 million views during one month after release (2019)

Where can you follow MARUV on the Internet?

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